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Creating the Unique One

People are created with an ability that has been possessed by. Many people has their own way inside. It is literally called their style in making things of life. How they think of. How they speak about. How they cope stress between happiness and sorrow and actually how they meddle things to each other has many different ways. That is how they create the unique one. 
People would have notice to their own self the so-called ‘something special‘. Some would be very glad that they have something to be proud of. To have something to share about. Because life is very exploited. However, there’s a type of people who are not too showy because they are not yet ready to tell it to everyone. That is their talent that they kept hidden. But you can see through the vison of their eyes the gleam of passion. The gleam of eager they want to express and spread out like a wings and the gleam of happiness because they are not just creating their talent, but because they’re doing the unique one. People have so many differences and at the same time, similarities. Their interests, dislikes, common hobbies, favorites—might lead as their basis on how they compare themselves to one another. On the other perspectives of life, people has their own way and a unique style of escaping out between the dreams of perfection and the reality of stress. Their are some great writers whose writing about literature, own experiences, love, freedom, fiction novels, because they think of it as their way to flee from the reality of life. Others chooses to listen to the stereo and let themselves drowned by the lyrics of the song like a lullaby. That is the other way how people escaping stress made by the pressure and a pile of works and problems.
A problem is just a problem. They think of it truly and deeply madly. But don’t think that there’s no way around to surpass it, think positive because you have something special inside of you that you can use as a tool. You are different. I have my own style. We are created to be the unique one. 

Judiciciary as a Dispenser of Justice

            Judiciary is the one in which they interpret the law and they also tend to check the validity of the laws as it is proportionate to the constitution which at present, they use the 1987 constitution where it is for the welfare for each and every individual and their right.

The Judiciary needs to know several points when it comes about the government functions with different rights of the people: Cultural Rights is a kind of a law that ensures the well-being of the individual. It is a right that guarantees similar treatment to all persons similarly situated and precludes arbitrary or unjust discrimination to secure and safeguards such right called the rights to the equal protection of the law. The right to privacy of a person is defined as one`s right to be free from unwarranted publicity. Civil Rights are the right of private individuals to secure for themselves the enjoyment of their means of happiness such as the rights to security of personal papers and effects. Neutrality and fairness is not always observed where several practitioners are somewhat unaware or aware that a bias is already made that hamper the result of a given case or rule sometimes runs contrary to the sentiments of the people. The code of judicial conduct assures the limitations of those in the judiciary that observing it assures full credibility of the system.

The Philippines is nation which comes up with its own laws and jurisdiction where in it dictates its sovereignty through government policies for the benefit of the citizens. More so, the functions of the government is essential to keep the lives of around million Filipino citizens moving as well as keeping services, law and order in good condition that gives the fullest of satisfaction and trust of the people. In this case, there are always good and bad episodes in the country that are out as the result of good and bad decisions that dictate the performance of the government. Overall, there is much be done to the system itself that the ideals for just, neutral and fair justice is for everyone.

Welcome To K-pop World! 


               K-pop is one of the current trends and was indeed very prominent around the world. K-pop is a kind of music genre but it turned out and claimed to be the term to those someone who loved korean. K-pop as a music genre and K-popers as a term for person.  It is the most influential factor who caught and hooked the eye of anybody. There are so many people mostly those teenagers or millennial who really are addicted in Korean trends. They tend to be called as the undying K-pop fanatics or Sasaeng fan who really loved, adore and admire K-pop. In schools, public places, anywhere and everywhere, K-pop is the main point and the theme of their conversations and when a one person or a particular someone brought up the topic, several of the millennial will unite together and started to create their own party on the line. They are unstoppable, they truthfully obsessed and willing to be crazy because K-pop is already unavoidable in their minds and you can’t stop these millennial from loving them. 
               I started to love K-pop when my mind is exposed to them. I studied a little bit part of their culture like learning the basic alphabets of Korean (Hangul), how they count from one to ten and their common greetings like, “anneonghaseyo” (Hello), “Gomawo” (Thank you), and “Saranghae” (I Love You). Yes! You’re right. I’m one of those K-pop fanatics in which I acquire it as a part of my teenage life. I am writing this article because I want to share my thoughts and opinions in loving K-pop and I decided to come up with this topic because we can’t deny that it is very conspicuous and famous in each corner of the world. Perhaps, I’m enjoying writing it since I’m a fanatic and I’m comfortable with. 

               What did really catch up our eyes and becoming a fanatical person in terms of K-pop, first of first, are those popular K-pop male and female group under a varieties of Entertainment. They really are a wonderful one. They are amazing and awesome and the versatility of them had been always there that they aimed. K-pop male and female group have something up their sleeves that made every K-pop fanatics (specifically girls) being careless and crazy as psychopath. They have this kind of unknown charm and a seemingly magic or spell that can make us mesmerized and focused our attention straightly to them. Even when the connection of us as a fanatics’ are like a star from the sky that is out of reached, sighting to their pictures and viewing their music videos are enough and a satisfaction to our happiness. To see our bias or biases in a magazine, postcards, posters, notebooks as to somewhere else and hearing their albums or music, memorizing a single part of their songs are already a full package. And even when we are apart from them, we can still show our warmth welcomed, and tender love by supporting to whatever they do. Actually, I’m not a K-pop fanatics’ before, but when I discover these K-pop groups and because of the influenced that my younger sister gave to me, I started to become as one. As to my own theory, K-pop is like a syndrome, it is contagious and it can spread throughout your system rapidly, that’s what I think about. 

              K-pop groups are not just the only factor why these millennial people continuously loving K-pop, but Korean drama series has something to do with it. Korean novels are played not just in the place of origin which is the Seoul Korea where many popular and well-known Korean actors and actresses are there, but it can view to different countries. A particular studio, for example in Philippines; ABSCBN network are going to buy a particular Korea novella with a highest rating in Seoul. Then, when they successfully bought the film, ABS-CBN network are free to play it nationwide with a Filipino dubbed voice record. Hence, the people alongside the said country, teenagers or even adults, will now be able to watched that Korea novella and discover how amazing Seoul Korea in making a film story. On the other hand, and the mere fact is that, before a particular country adapt a series, it already viewed and known by some addicted Korean lovers via media. If internet connection wasn’t a problem and just a piece of cake, then Korean drama series would be able to watch online. It is also downloadable if you wanted to watch it repeatedly, over and over again. 

               To examine the profiles of this K-pop fans, one of the factors they might say was, they tend to become a K-pop fanatic because they’re want to fit with others. They just wanted to go over with the flow and joined the current trend and fashion as most several people used to do.

               There are no problems in becoming a K-pop fanatic or Korean drama series lovers. In fact, for me, it was fun considering that I am belong to K-pop world. It can bring out happiness and positive vibes. Whenever I become stress and sad, I will just going to divert my attention to such things with a Korean atmosphere and those stress factors will be vanished away out of my thoughts. As a K-pop fanatic, the most essential part that we need to remember and always remind is the limitation. We still needed to be aware of the possibilities either it is good or bad. As a K-pop fanatic, we need to keep the boundary line as good as possible and well-protected for us to not regret it ‘til the end. As a K-pop fanatic, we have to not make K-Pop as a literally syndrome, but a syndrome of happiness, satisfaction at ease.

               If you are one of those K-pop fanatics’ who swear to the bottom of your heart that you can keep the promise, then WELCOME TO K-POP WORLD!