Creating the Unique One

People are created with an ability that has been possessed by. Many people has their own way inside. It is literally called their style in making things of life. How they think of. How they speak about. How they cope stress between happiness and sorrow and actually how they meddle things to each other has many different ways. That is how they create the unique one. 
People would have notice to their own self the so-called ‘something special‘. Some would be very glad that they have something to be proud of. To have something to share about. Because life is very exploited. However, there’s a type of people who are not too showy because they are not yet ready to tell it to everyone. That is their talent that they kept hidden. But you can see through the vison of their eyes the gleam of passion. The gleam of eager they want to express and spread out like a wings and the gleam of happiness because they are not just creating their talent, but because they’re doing the unique one. People have so many differences and at the same time, similarities. Their interests, dislikes, common hobbies, favorites—might lead as their basis on how they compare themselves to one another. On the other perspectives of life, people has their own way and a unique style of escaping out between the dreams of perfection and the reality of stress. Their are some great writers whose writing about literature, own experiences, love, freedom, fiction novels, because they think of it as their way to flee from the reality of life. Others chooses to listen to the stereo and let themselves drowned by the lyrics of the song like a lullaby. That is the other way how people escaping stress made by the pressure and a pile of works and problems.
A problem is just a problem. They think of it truly and deeply madly. But don’t think that there’s no way around to surpass it, think positive because you have something special inside of you that you can use as a tool. You are different. I have my own style. We are created to be the unique one. 


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